Church Serves as First Responder to Community Servicemen and Women

By Brett Hetherington* In the fall of 2019, Main Street United Methodist Church (Mid-Ohio District) began opening its doors to serve police officers, paramedics, firefighters and other first responders. The church wanted a way to serve men and women in the Mansfield area who routinely place their lives on the line to serve and protect [...]

Nehemiah Mission Impacts the Community All Year

By Brett Hetherington* Nehemiah Mission (North Coast District) is an East Ohio Conference Advance Special that has been serving the Cleveland area since 2003. Launching out of People’s Hope UMC, the Mission served over 2,500 people in its first five years. Work crews are invited to Cleveland from across the United States, and even from [...]

Providing Hope for the Homeless in Northeast Ohio

By Brett Hetherington* Where would you turn if you were homeless, without any hope for improving your circumstance? This is a question that many in our cities are forced to answer, and for those who are struggling in Lake County, Project Hope for the Homeless is one very real answer. Judy Burr serves as the [...]