East Ohio Church is Finding Ways to be a Blessing in Its Community

By Brett Hetherington* People tend to throw around the word “blessing” often without thinking deeply what that word means. Among the definitions given is “a thing conducive to happiness or welfare.” The people of Wellington First United Methodist Church (Firelands District) have recently been given the opportunity to truly be a blessing to many in [...]

Better Together: Five Churches Work as One Team Ministering to Area Youth

By Brett Hetherington* How do you build community amongst a group of churches that appear to have little in common with one another? For two pastors who minister to five churches, the answer to this question has been to start by working with the children. “One of the previous leaders of the kid’s ministry of [...]

East Ohio Church Joins Mission to Vaccinate the Globe

By Brett Hetherington* First United Methodist Church of Boise, Idaho, and Church of the Saviour UMC of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, are separated by 2,030 miles but through the connection of The United Methodist Church they are working side-by-side to combat the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Near the end of 2021, First UMC launched an initiative to [...]