Urban Mission Shows How Love Works in Serving Its Community

By Brett Hetherington* The Urban Mission (Ohio Valley District) in Steubenville has served the Ohio Valley area in many different ways since 1959. Today the staff and volunteers of the East Ohio Conference Advance Specials ministry has an additional facility from which they will be able to assist the people and communities the Mission serves. [...]

Feeding the World Together: Teens and Adults Pack 100,000 Meals in Two Days

By Brett Hetherington* For the past five years the East Ohio Conference Young People's Ministries has sponsored Project Feed, an event where teens and youth leaders, pastors, parents and other volunteers gather to assemble simple meals that are distributed to third-world countries across the globe. This year there were Project Feed events held in two [...]

Strengthening Relationships in Liberia

By Brett Hetherington* “Everyone in Liberia knows Jesus. Evangelism has been very successful. The hard work is in discipleship.” These are the words of Samuel Quarshie, an associate pastor in Liberia and our driver and guide during our relationship-building visit to Liberia June 22 – July 4. During our time in the West African country, [...]