East Ohio Church Joins Mission to Vaccinate the Globe

First United Methodist Church of Boise, Idaho, and Church of the Saviour UMC of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, are separated by 2,030 miles but through the connection of The United Methodist Church they are working side-by-side to combat the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Near the end of 2021, First UMC launched an initiative to raise funds for [...]

The Great Commission in Our Neighborhoods: Churches Serving Migrant Communities of East Ohio

By Brett Hetherington* America has long been described as the land of opportunity, a melting pot where countless cultures can come together to live, share the best of what makes them unique, and create a grand tapestry of a country. Though this vision is not without its flaws and detractors, people continue to journey to [...]

Christ is Alive in the Mission Ministry of Fitchville UMC

By Rev. Kathy Dickriede* We are called to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ so that we can transform the world – but that transformation doesn’t always happen overnight. The congregation of Fitchville UMC (Firelands District) is excited to see that a decision made in 2015 will soon make life easier for people it [...]