Monday Business Session Recap

By Rick Wolcott* Local Pastor Steve Nelson prayed members into the first business session of this 50th Annual Conference session. Conference Secretary the Rev. Cindy Patterson moved that letters of greeting be sent to Mrs. Edwin C. Boulton, Bishop Sally Dyck and Rev. Dr. Kenneth Ehrman, Bishop John and Elaine Hopkins, Bishop Jonathan and Beverly [...]

Church Says that Children are the Church of Now… Not the Future

By Brett Hetherington* Children are not the church of the future, they are the church of right now. That is the message being at Brecksville United Methodist Church (North Coast District). Church leaders believe this idea so deeply that they dedicate an entire Sunday morning service each year to their children. The service is not [...]

Seminary Students Speak About General Conference 2019

Seminary students in attendance at General Conference 2019 share their thoughts about the atmosphere at the Special Session of General Conference atmosphere, the legislative process, and more.