Simulation Sensitizes Participants to the Experience of Poverty

By Rick Wolcott* More than 1.5 million Ohioans, 14% of the State’s population, had incomes in 2017 that were below the poverty line of $24,860 for a family of four, according to data from the Center for American Progress. Using a program recently purchased from the Missouri Community Action Network, the East Ohio Conference (EOC) [...]

Farmer to Farmer Ministry Changing Lives in Harrisburg, Liberia

By Pryde Bass* The East Ohio Conference Farmer-to-Farmer ministry (Advance Special EOC 9026) is now in its ninth year of changing lives in Harrisburg, Liberia. The West Africa community used to be an agricultural bread basket before the Liberia Civil War. In 2010 Farmer to Farmer was created so that farmers from the East Ohio [...]

New Ministry Resources Cultivate Congregational Health

By Rick Wolcott* “A key foundational strategy for discipleship is congregational health.  Healthy churches make healthy disciples.  Healthy disciples make healthy disciples.  Healthy disciples transform the world.” These recent words spoken by Bishop Tracy S. Malone echo her Annual Conference Episcopal Address message that congregational health is a priority of the East Ohio Conference this [...]