Movie Review: Downsizing

By Rev. Bruce Batchelor-Glader

There was every reason to hope that this year’s Downsizing would also be an exceptional film, but it’s a big swing and miss this time around. Even with reduced expectations, it is a hard film to champion.

The initial premise has potential. In the near future, a team of Norwegian scientists have perfected a process that can shrink animals down to miniscule proportions. Soon the process has been commercialized for humans and miniature communities the size of Christmas tree villages have become an option for folks wanting more out of the rest of their lives. Not only do small people consume less of the planet’s resources, but their money can buy them luxurious mansions and a carefree life in planned communities like Leisureland, protected by a dome that provides perfect weather conditions. The only snag is that once you are shrunk, there’s no going back.

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