Movie review: Blade Runner 2049

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“There are many surprises and moments of wonder in Blade Runner 2049, but you will need to be patient with it – it’s 2 hours and 45 minutes long. Although it is leisurely paced, it is thoughtful and provocative and one of the best science fiction films of this decade (along with Villeneuve’s remarkable Arrival from last year). ”

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Film: A Quiet Passion – rare biopic that invites the viewer into a new way of understanding

Emily Dickenson and friend in the garden
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Review by Rev. Bruce Batchelor-Glader

The poetry of Emily Dickinson is loved by millions of people, including young adults and aspiring writers. Her poems are short and easily memorized, but also evocative of deeper themes. Two of her primary topics are God and death and yet many of her poems are filled with beautiful images of nature and the joy of creativity. She spent most of her life in her family home in Amherst, Massachusetts and was considered to be a bit of an eccentric by her neighbors. Although locally published in a newspaper, fewer than a dozen of her 1,800 poems were published in her lifetime, often changed by the editor. She would not gain international fame until after her death.

How are we to think about such a complicated life?

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Movie review: Stronger

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“Stronger is based on Jeff Bauman’s 2014 memoir and is enhanced by Bauman’s personal participation in the project. There is an honesty about the family scenes that reveal the messiness and conflicted relationships that are a part of the family ties that bind. Jeff’s mother Patty (Miranda Richardson) is smothering and sometimes coarse, but it is clear that love is behind her neediness (and Jeff encourages the codependency). There are also many humorous moments in the film to balance the painful scenes.”

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