On a Mission to Serve Others

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By Jeff Pellin*

The youth group from Western Reserve United Methodist Church (Mahoning Valley District) spent the last week of July serving in mission with the people of Madison, West Virginia.

“It’s amazing to see young people give up a week of their summer to help me,” one resident said.

The youth were placed in work teams to complete projects that involved everything from painting and cleaning to building wheelchair ramps.  They also built porches and put new roofs on the homes of people in need in the former coal town in the southwest part of the state.

“I can’t put into words how thankful I am for all the work they are doing,” another resident said after having watched the dedication of the youth during the week.

But it wasn’t just the residents who were impacted by this week of service to, and with, others.

Youth group member Ricky Sammartino said, “I can’t believe I’m seeing the conditions of poverty I’m seeing here.”

“These people really need the help,” Jordan Pellin, another of the youth on the trip, said.  “It is just so different and makes you thankful and feel good about what you are doing for them.”

It was really an awesome week of service for all who attended.

*Jeff Pellin is director of Education/Youth Ministry at Western Reserve UMC in Canfield.