How a Cell Phone Connects a Congregation

By Brett Hetherington* Creating connection points for congregations to forge authentic ties with one another has been a monumental task the past two years as churches struggle finding ways to engage with people on Sunday mornings when some are in the sanctuary and others are viewing the service online. Like clergy across the East Ohio [...]

December 13, 2021

Bishop’s Office Conversations with Bishop Tracy S. MaloneBishop Tracy S. Malone invites you to join her for A Time of Conversations of the Heart with the Laity and Clergy of the EOC. You will have an opportunity to engage in conversation with the bishop on the mission and vision of ministry in the East Ohio [...]

Congregation Grows During the Pandemic by Reaching New People in New Ways

By Brett Hetherington* Church attendance routinely ebbs and flows. During the COVID-19 pandemic this reality became even more apparent. Most people would not be surprised to hear that a church’s attendance during such a time would tail off and perhaps even drop dramatically, but what if a church were able to grow during this season? [...]