The Liberia SunPower Project

The Camphor Mission Station in Liberia, West Africa houses a church, a school, a clinic, and an agriculture program. The 3Cs Initiative (Churches, Clinics & Classrooms) of the East Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church and other mission partners from the United States assist administrators of Camphor Mission Station with evangelism, education, healthcare, and production of sustainable food.

The most-pressing need at Camphor – and across Liberia – is electricity.  Currently, the Mission Station is powered by a small generator that runs on diesel fuel, which is expensive and difficult to transport.

The Liberia SunPower Project could change that.  The goal of the project is to engineer, procure, construct, operate and maintain a photovoltaic (solar power) system.  Solar power would provide access to reliable, affordable electricity that would transform people’s lives in many ways:

  • Education – computers could be used to access the internet and projectors and printers could make the information available to large audiences at one time – even at night.
  • Health – medical exams and procedures could be done indoors at any time of day. Medicines and vaccines could be refrigerated or kept in a freezer.
  • Economic Development – Electric-powered tools can improve the efficiency and productivity of the Mission Station and the surrounding communities.

With this new power, the Mission Station has the potential to not only be self-supporting but also to develop new businesses.

You can support this project – and have fun at the same time!

Come out to the Cleveland Metroparks Chalet and Toboggan Chutes in Strongsville on Thursday, December 11 from 6-9pm.  The first 200 people who make a $15 donation that day will receive vouchers for toboggan rides, hot dogs and snacks. The donations – and any other contribution attendees may wish to make – will be used to make the Liberia SunPower Project a reality.

The evening is brought to you by Sharon Center United Methodist Church (Canal District) and sponsored by The Chevy Network and Buck Chevrolet.