Take the “Rice Bucket” Challenge

Woman with Rice Buckets

We’ve all heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge – a fundraiser for the ALS association that has raised $115 million since July 29 of this year to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The East Ohio Conference has been active in a relief effort to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus from West Africa. While thousands of people have been afflicted with Ebola, everyone in Liberia and Sierra Leone has been impacted by it.

Businesses and schools have been closed in an effort to keep individuals from potentially coming into contact with someone who may be sick. Because people aren’t working they aren’t getting paid, which means they don’t have money to purchase food and other items.

To make up for a lack of sales, businesses are charging more for their products. A 50-kilo bag of rice that cost $35 before the Ebola outbreak now sells for $70. Since people can’t always afford to pay that price, many have died from starvation.

You can help by accepting the East Ohio Rice Bucket Challenge.

Every $70 raised will buy one 50-kilo bag of rice.

Donate money, then challenge your friends, family, small group members, and congregation members to do the same.

Checks should be made payable to 3Cs Initiative Fund 9936 – with Rice Bucket Challenge on the memo line – and mailed to EOC, P.O. Box 76019 Cleveland, OH 44101.