Numbers Don’t Tell the Story

The Heart of a Small Church: Part 5 "As a small church, the people in it need to believe they have a purpose in this vast kingdom of God and your wanting to feature us in an article is a gift from God," wrote Pastor Janet Boyd when she was approached to write this article.  By Pastor [...]

Merging of Two Denominations – a Selfless Act

The Heart of a Small Church: Part 4 Federated churches have their beginnings in the early part of the 20th century and reached their zenith in the period from around 1915-1940.  Federated churches involve forming a local church congregation that relates to two or more denominations, with members each deciding to which of the denominations they choose [...]

A Three Point Ministry Team, an Interesting Relationship

The Heart of a Small Church: Part 3 The Three Point Team vision stemmed from Judy Claycomb, former Firelands District Superintendent, during her last full year on the district. Claycomb had noted the need to provide gifted pastoral leadership for several of her smaller congregations throughout her district. She envisioned a partnership of churches (in this [...]