NCJ Jurisdictional Conference Day 3: Worship, Resolutions, Presentations & Conversations

* By Rev. Cindy Gregorson “We can press on—or be a footnote in the annals of history, so I stopped by to tell you that Jesus is real!” Bishop Julius Trimble called the North Central Jurisdictional Conference to labor side by side on this Friday morning. He said “you may consider yourself left-leaning or right-leaning [...]

The Episcopal 2022 Ten

* By Rev. Cindy M. Gregorson I confess that as a former delegate to jurisdictional conference I often categorized the election of bishops to something akin to horse trading. More political than spiritual in nature, it seemed to me. But the 2022 North Central Jurisdictional Conference was noticeably different. It all started, according to one [...]

Stand Up With The Good News: NCJ 2022 Friday Morning Worship

* By Liz Winders Bishop Julius C. Trimble told the North Central Jurisdiction Conference, “The Good News is for everybody ... [it’s] an inclusive message that breaks the chains of oppression and exclusion” in his sermon for the Friday, November 4 morning worship service. The morning worship opened with a word and dance performance by [...]