September 23, 2019

Remembrance of Our Shared History

On Saturday, September 21, General Board of Global Ministries General Secretary Thomas Kemper, on behalf of The United Methodist Church, returned to the Wyandotte People a tract of land in Upper Sandusky, Ohio on which Methodist Missionary John Stewart began his work with the Wyandotte. The land, which includes the Mission Church and a burial ground, was entrusted to the Methodist Church and the Methodist Mission Society in 1843 when the Wyandotte People were forced by the government to leave the land.

“From this holy ground arises renewed friendship between the Wyandotte and the people called Methodist to walk together into a future of shared experience, respect, and growing friendship. From this ground, sanctified by death, grows hope and new life in a common struggle to live out God’s love and justice in this world,” Kemper said. “Chief Billy Friend, on behalf of the Methodist people and the Methodist mission I return to you and the Wyandotte People and Nation the land entrusted to us 176 years ago. We have indeed buried friends here. May God continue to bless our friendship. May God continue to use us so that together we preserve the past so we can fight for a just, inclusive and joint future for all of us. May God bless us.”

Disaster Response

Responding to Hurricane Dorian
On October 25-26, the Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC) will be in the East Ohio Conference to collect items most needed for hurricane recovery. Donated Items will be collected in:

  • Cambridge
  • Navarre
  • Medina
  • Garfield Heights
  • Sandusky

View this pdf, which lists the needed items as well as the dates, times and contact information for each collection site. Download the pdf and share it with your church so that, together, we can pack the MMDC truck.

Visit the donation page of the Conference website to learn how you can make a financial donation to East Ohio Conference Fund 9944 for the Midwest Mission.

Multicultural Ministries

Perspectives: Black Theologian Day – October 5
Leah Gunning Francis is the guest theologian for this day of learning from a Black Theological Perspective. The vice president for Academic Affairs and dean of the faculty at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, IN authored the book Ferguson & Faith: Sparking Leadership & Awakening Community. Speaking on the theme Committing to God’s Call, based on Esther 4:12-15, she will help us understand how communities like Ferguson, MO committed to God’s call to respond to challenging times.

This year’s Perspectives: Black Theologian Day is Saturday, October 5 from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. at Garfield Memorial UMC in Pepper Pike. Learn more and register for this Multicultural Ministries event of the East Ohio Conference.


Gun Violence Seminar – November 3
Join laity and clergy for Kingdom Dreams/Violent Realities: Exploring Micah’s Vision and Admonitions as we look at violence in America and seek to live a Christian ministry of peace and justice in community committed to personal and social holiness.

We will meet Ashland Christ UMC from 2:00-5:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 3. If you have questions about this event, call Tom Douce at (330) 936-9543 or e-mail him at

Learn more and register.

Media Center

The Media Center recently acquired the following resources:

  • Mountaintop Moment; Meeting God in the High Places shows us how those times when we experience the power, love, and grace of God can be associated with the mountains in the Old and New Testaments and the events related to these sacred places.
  • Footnotes; Major Lessons from Minor Bible Characters introduces us to some people who are just a brief blip on the screen of the Bible timeline, just a footnote in biblical story; those it would be easy to overlook but we shouldn’t underestimate.
  • God vs. Money; Winning Strategies in the Combat Zone is for leaders in churches and other ministry settings who have responsibility for capital campaigns, budgets, stewardship, planned giving, and other financial concerns.
  • Praying at the Crossroads shows that the ancient prayers of Old Testament saints have much to teach us in our present circumstances, whether at a crossroads or on our daily path.

To reserve these or other resources, call the Media Center at (800) 831-3972 x139 or send an e-mail to Browse the resource catalog at

Message in the MoviesMessage in the Movies banner (colorful film strip

The Goldfinch
This production includes a capable director, a top-flight cast, a lovely musical score, and one of cinema’s best directors of photography, Roger Deakins. And still, at 2 ½ hours long, the movie rushes through its story. A tragic misstep is the movie’s disregard for the painting during its middle section. By the time the artwork reentered the adventure, I had stopped caring about it.

The Goldfinch is not a terrible film and there are visual moments that I will remember for a long time, including its closing shot. And – in spite of its four pitchforks – the movie is non-exploitative and compassionate towards its characters. It’s a near-miss that still looks better on a big screen. If you are intrigued, head to a theater posthaste. The opening week box office was the worst opening for a wide-release film ever. This bird will be flying out of theaters real soon.

Read entire review.

Credit Union

It’s the Change of Seasons. Is it time to change your insurance?
Insurance prices and policy options fluctuate constantly. According to an article from ValuePenguin, insurance companies update policies about each year to tighten their profit margins. This means consumers who purchase the best policy at the time might find they are no longer receiving the same value years later. Now is the time to start saving and, to help you do that, here are tips to effectively shop for insurance:

  • Use technology to compare. In the digital age, there’s no reason to accept the first insurance quote from the first company that comes your way. Take time to compare the value different companies and policies can offer by using comparison sites like NetQuote, CoverHound, or
  • Choose a trusted company. No matter what you’re insuring, chances are you want to leave it in hands you can trust. Be sure you fully understand your insurance company’s history and reputation. For an extra layer of protection, The Balance suggests utilizing insurance rating organizations, including Weiss Ratings, Standard & Poors, Fitch Ratings, and Demotech, Inc.
  • Ask about discounts. Sometimes, discounts on insurance policies are “hidden,” meaning they’re not readily found on a website and that an agent won’t tell you about them unprovoked. Ask your insurance agent if you are getting all the available discounts for which you are qualified.
  • Ask your agent for the best offer. If the “final price” your agent offers on a policy isn’t quite good enough, speak up. Often, your agent may be able to go back to the insurance company and procure a lower rate.
  • Re-evaluate your coverage consistently. As a rule, it’s a good idea to shop around for insurance at least once a year. But it’s also beneficial to re-evaluate your different insurance policies any time you experience a significant life event, including a marriage, a divorce, a birth, a major purchase, or a move.

Events: September 23 – October 6

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  • Doran A. Gareyretired Elder, died September 12.

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