July 15, 2019

Camps and Retreat Ministries

It’s Always Time to Think Retreat
Whether it’s fall, winter or spring, it’s time to make your retreat plans. Retreats offer encounters that can change the lives of individuals and the group in amazing ways. So, why not take your youth group, Bible study group, United Methodist Women’s circle, or any other group to which you belong on a retreat?

At our Aldersgate, Asbury and Wanake retreat facilities, our goal is to provide comfortable settings and quality programs through which people can experience Christ’s love for them and all creation while having the opportunity to share that love with others. Relax, enjoy the surroundings and get back in touch with God. We can provide accommodations year-round for a small intimate setting or a large group gathering. Our retreat staff looks forward to hosting your next gathering.

Our three East Ohio Conference retreat sites are in convenient locations: Aldersgate on Leesville Lake near Carrollton; Asbury in Portage County near Hiram; and Wanake in Amish country near Beach City. Visit www.EastOhioCamps.org to learn more about our retreat sites and call (800) 831-3972 to book your reservation.


EOC Team Visits Cambodian Methodist Church
A team of 14 East Ohio Conference clergy and laity travelled to Cambodia June 26-July 8, 2019 to worship, fellowship, and be in small group discussions with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

“We are all a part of the family of God,” said East Ohio Conference Bishop Tracy S. Malone during her sermon to the congregation at Toul Kork Methodist Church, which is located in Cambodia’s capital city Phnom Penh.

“We are all on a journey of becoming who God has created us to be and we do not walk this journey by ourselves. We need each other, to encourage each other, to pray for each other, to continue to plant seeds of faith in each other. And every day we have the opportunity to plant seeds of faith and hope in others,” she said.

“When we come together to be the hands and feet of Jesus, we can change the world,” said Baldwin Wallace University Sophomore Connor Prusha, one of four young adults on the team.

To learn more about the mission work being done by North Coast District churches in Cambodia, e-mail District Superintendent the Rev. Dr. Steve Bailey at pastorumc@gmail.com.

Click on the recap video above to view highlights from the team’s 10 days in Cambodia.

UMVIM Team Leader Training
The next United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) Team Leader training is Saturday, August 17 at The Urban Mission in Steubenville. Learn more and register by August 14.

Summer Mission Trips
It has been inspiring to see images on Facebook of some of your church’s youth and adult mission trips. It is amazing to see how many people are out in the world being God’s agents of transformation! Please help us tell your mission story by completing the online UMVIM Team Report after returning from your trip. You can also e-mail stories and pictures to the Rev. Kathy Dickriede, United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) coordinator, at kdickriede@gmail.com.

View upcoming UMVIM mission journeys. You can support East Ohio Missions scholarships through a donation to Fund 9046, UMVIM Leadership.

Mission Trip to Red Bird – August 11-17
Rev. John Partridge from Christ UMC Alliance is leading a United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) journey to The Joy Center in Big Creek, KY, part of the Red Bird Missionary Conference. You are invited to join the team that will travel to August 11-17. The projects on which the team will work are tailored to the skills of the team members. Regardless of your skills, there is a place for you on the team.

E-mail John Partridge, at pastorpartridge@gmail.com, to learn more about the trip.

Christian Education

Share Your Story
The Spiritual Formation & Christian Education Committee of the East Ohio Conference and the East Ohio Chapter of CEF (Christians Engaged in Faith Formation) invite you to a training event for church leaders – clergy, local pastors, staff, lay leaders, teachers, Bible Study leaders, volunteers, etc. – to learn how to equip all your people to tell their story. How will this benefit your local congregation? When we are able to share our stories, we can build relationships and lead others to Christ.

The same event will be held in different cities on different dates. Each event will begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m. The event cost of $25 includes resources and a boxed lunch.

  • Thursday, September 26 at North Canton Faith UMC
  • Saturday, November 9 at Coshocton Grace UMC

Learn more. Register for the September event. Register for the November event.

Financial and Administrative Services

Apportioned Shared Ministry Statements
Preliminary 2020 Apportioned Shared Ministry statements will be mailed to local churches via the U.S. Postal Service by the end of July. Statements should be reviewed as soon as they are received. Statement calculations are based on the Local Church Report each church submits.

If you have reason to believe that your Local Church Report was not completed correctly, please review it as well. Changes/corrections to the preliminary apportionments can be made until mid-August. After that point, no changes will be possible. Final 2020 Apportioned Shared Ministry statements will be mailed via regular U.S. postal service to each church by mid-September. To refresh your understanding of the Apportionment calculation process, a description can be found on pages 3-46 and 3-47 of the Conference Journal, which is available on the Conference website at: https://www.eocumc.com/journal/_pdf2018/2018journal.pdf.

Media Center

The Media Center carries the following resources for parenting:

  • Future Family; You Have a Choice in the Matter will help you decide what you want your family’s future to look like and help you plan how to get there.
  • Graced Based Parenting: Creating an Atmosphere of Grace presents a child’s true needs and provides parents a realistic, doable way to meet them. The result is spiritually strong children who grow up with a sense of calm and a heart full of purpose and confidence.
  • Single & Parenting: Support Group Kit explains how to: Wisely encourage your kids to obey, help your hurting child, eliminate debt, deal with verbal onslaughts, figure out what your emotions are telling you, and develop meaningful friendships with other single parents.
  • Where Mom’s Connect: Moms’ Ministry Curriculum brings women together and helps them connect naturally, through faith-based discussion and fun.
  • Fathering 101; Be The Dad is designed to confidently equip leaders to communicate a critical cultural message. Fatherhood in America has run off-track. This timely resource speaks directly to the God ordained responsibility and privilege of being a Dad.

To reserve these or other resources, call the Media Center at (800) 831-3972 x139 or send an e-mail to sarnold@eocumc.com. Browse the resource catalog at www.rqmweb.com/eocumc.

Message in the MoviesMessage in the Movies banner (colorful film strip

The Last Black Man in San Francisco
The Last Man in San Francisco does not quite tell a plot-driven story, but rather evokes a deep love for a particular city, accompanied with a sense of regret for how gentrification can move marginalized minorities away from places of deep meaning. The beautiful musical score by Emile Mosseri, accompanied by a heartfelt rendition of the John Phillips song “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)” and the stunning cinematography of Adam Newport-Berra combine to create a beautiful and memorable tone poem. Even the rough-edged profanities that are spoken by a small group of low-level street hoods are graced with humor and heart.

Writer-director Joe Talbot and actor Jimmie Fails both grew up in San Francisco as friends and this film is a creative embellishment of Jimmie’s real-life experience. It also incorporates one of the best depictions of male friendship and love that I have ever seen at the movies.

I have a great affection for the city and pray that the church may continue to be a vital part of the urban landscape. The Last Black Man in San Francisco reminds us that there will be struggles along the way and some harsh realities to deal with, but if we have the eyes to see the Kingdom of God, there is splendor all around and reclamation work to do to reveal even deeper beauty.

Read entire review

Credit Union

Summer Travel
Are you concerned about using your debit card this summer while traveling with family and friends to hike, fish, or go to the beach?

The United Methodist Financial Credit Union (UMFCU) has your back with MobiMoney! MobiMoney gives you, our members, the ability to turn off your United Methodist Financial Credit Union debit card, view pending transactions, and receive immediate transaction alerts. Download it FOR FREE today from your mobile app store.

Events: July 15 – July 28

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Positions Available

  • Receptionist/Clerical Assistant – Chardon UMC
  • Donor Engagement Specialist – Flat Rock Homes
  • Assistant Worship Band Leader – UMC of Kent
  • Youth Worship Song Leader – UMC of Kent
  • Adult Hand Bell Choir Director – UMC of Kent
  • Youth Hand Bell Choir Director – UMC of Kent
  • Church Administrator – First UMC of East Liverpool
  • Youth Director – First UMC of East Liverpool
  • Director of Christian Education – First UMC of Macedonia

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