Flood Response in West Lafayette

The East Ohio Conference Disaster Committee has authorized up to $2,000 from fund 9200 – Disaster Response in Ohio – to help the village of West Lafayette provide additional temporary staffing in response to needs assessment caused by flash floods this month. Mayor Stephen R. Bordenkircher, Pastor Matthew Anderson, and Pastor Dan Eggan express deep appreciation for the strong support of the Three Rivers District, area United Methodist churches, and an overwhelming number of school groups, volunteer groups and others who have helped with the initial response. The task now is to identify long term needs for recovery. A local Flood Relief Fund has been set up at the Home Loan Savings Bank in conjunction with the West Lafayette UMC. You may also contribute to East Ohio Fund 9200.

It is not helpful to overwhelm the local community with donated items or unplanned volunteers. Please DO NOT self-deploy. Please DO NOT donate items unless specifically requested by West Lafayette UMC. Anderson is working closely with the village to coordinate multiple church and community organizations.

The Three Rivers VIM trailer was moved to West Lafayette this week. Long term assessments are being conducted by trained ERT volunteers. Once a plan is developed for an organized recovery effort we will be in communication with you.

How can Three Rivers Churches help West Lafayette and surrounding area at this time?

  • Pray for those affected by the flood and for the provisions and volunteers in the recovery effort.
  • A Flood Relief Fund has been set up at the Home Loan Savings Bank in conjunction with the West Lafayette UMC. If you would like to donate to the cause you may do so at one of the branches of Home Loan Savings Bank. (FEMA has denied assistance, not enough homes effected.)
  • Do not take supplies or clothing to the West Lafayette UMC. Other groups are working as supply closets and are willing to accept donations. You may also make these types of donations to Journey’s End (clothing, food, and household items) or Martha’s Cupboard (hygiene items) who both service the West Lafayette area and are approved Special Advances through the EOC.
  • Prior to anyone arriving at a work site, please contact the district office at (740) 622-8880, Matt Anderson at (740) 545-6368, or John Hill at (740) 502-7452 so that we may coordinate the response and monitor preparedness and safety.
  • If your church would like to be a part of the recovery effort, please notify the district office and we can share the information with the coordinators. Please contact the TR district office to receive the TR Mission application. (These are designed for one day 3:12 projects, but can be substituted for short-term jobs as well). Having these on file will expedite the coordination efforts.
  • Encourage your congregation that not all volunteers need to be skilled, on-site workers. We will have need for meals, drivers and other administrative tasks. Note accordingly on page 2 of application.
  • Three Rivers requests that our “on-site” volunteers carry liability insurance through the North Central Jurisdiction for a cost of .75 cents per day per person plus $5.00 registration fee. (i.e. 5 day project = $8.75/person). This cost is covered as part of our requested participation fee.
  • There is also a participant’s health and liability form. These are important. Individuals with compromised health conditions, such as asthma, should not be working in areas of possible mold. Reminder: volunteers should be current with their tetanus shots.
  • I have also included supplement materials that may address some questions volunteers have as well as recommended safety procedures.
  • Consider ‘adopting a family’. If someone in your congregation has a connection to a family in need, prayerfully consider personal support (i.e. invite them for a meal, provide babysitting for a day while cleaning is happening, offer to take them shopping for supplies or to replace belongings).