Church Provides Pancake Study Break for Students

By Bethany Kelly*

Finals week is always hard – with the impact of test scores on student grade point averages, and the realization that friends will soon part ways for the summer.

Church members who worked at pancakestudy pose for photoLooking to provide momentary relief from the stress, the congregation of New Concord United Methodist Church (Southern Hills District) invited Muskingum University students to attend a free Pancake Study Break at our church the night before Finals Week.

Seventy students enjoyed the pancakes, sausage, and coffee served in fellowship hall from 10:00 p.m. until midnight.  The study break was inspired by conversations in an adult Sunday school class that was reading the book Not Safe for Church by the Rev. Dr. FDouglas Powe, Jr. and the Rev. Jasmine Smothers.

One highlight from late in the evening was when a few students requested we pray with them. A few other students also took the opportunity to leave prayer requests in a box we set up for them. Several students told us how much they appreciated the study break.

The leftover food was delivered to Christ’s Table in Zanesville. We are planning to host this event for the students next year, too.

*Bethany Kelly is a member of New Concord UMC and was one of the volunteer servers at the pancake study break.