30-Hour Famine Raises Awareness of Child Hunger

TR youth standing for a photo

By Chasity Opphile*

Nearly 50 youth from the Three Rivers District, and their leaders, got together March 16-17 for a district-wide 30-Hour Famine. They kicked off the weekend at the Kids America Sports Complex and Fitness Center in Coshocton for a few hours of fun, and then headed to Coshocton Grace UMC to lock-in for the remainder of the famine.

Youth playing crab soccer

While fasting for 30 hours to raise money for, and awareness of, hungry children through World Vision, the students participated in small group Bible studies, worshipped, learned what life is like for hungry children around the world, participated in hands on prayer experiences, did random acts of kindness, played games, and had a blast.  They did all of this while making a difference in the world in the name of Jesus!

The 30-Hour Famine was a great opportunity for students from different youth groups to get to know one another while working together for a common goal.  The students learned that age is not a factor when it comes to making a difference in the world and that they each have something to offer.

Youth holding up a sign

“The Famine gives you time to grow closer to God and really realize how blessed you are and how great His love is for all of us,” said one student participant.  “You feel so good once it’s over knowing you’ve impacted someone else’s life in a positive way. It’s so worth it!”

In addition to fasting, the youth raised around $300 to feed hungry kids.

*Chasity Opphile is Youth coordinator for the Three Rivers District, and the Outreach and Education coordinator at Newcomerstown Christ UMC.