Movie Review: Okja

Photo: Netflix

Okja, one of the most original films of 2017, can only be viewed on Netflix’s streaming service.

Okja takes place is a not-so-distant future in which a multinational corporation is conducting genetic experiments to produce a “superpig” that will produce massive quantities of delicious meat while ostensibly being more environmentally conscious.

Okja is the name of the pig that is being raised in South Korea. Most everybody would agree that you should never name an animal that you plan to eat later, but consuming Okja is the last thing on the mind of Mija (Seo-hyn), who considers her to not only be a playmate, but more like a best friend. When Okja is taken away and shipped to New York, it is up to Mija to rescue her beloved buddy.

There seems to be no end to dystopian dramas these days, so it’s nice to find one as humane and generous in spirit as Okja. The film’s conclusion is not overly optimistic, but it leaves us hopeful that as long as love exists there will always be something worth fighting for.

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