JANUARY 23, 2017

2017 Appointments/Change of Status

Dan Bryant  | 
Lakewood UMC  |  NC  |  7/1/17
Ken  Gifford  |  Poland UMC  |  MV  |  7/1/17
Michael Grant  |  Shreve UMC  |  CN  |  7/1/17
Bruce Hartley  |  Granger UMC  |  CN  |  7/1/17
Derek Hickman  |  Ravenna UMC  |  CN  |  7/1/17
Karen Oehl  |  Gay Street UMC  |  TR  |  7/1/17
Tina Siroki  |  Martins Ferry UMC  |  OV  |  1/1/17

Paul Farren
  | retiring from Dalton UMC  |  CN  |  7/1/17
Hester Hudson  |  retiring from Jewett/New Rumley UMCs  |  OV  |  7/1/17
Jane Jacques  |  retiring from Ashland Christ UMC  |  MO  |  12/1/16
Bill Lawson  |  retiring from Shreve UMC  |  CN  |  7/1/17
Denise Marikis  |  retiring from Gay Street UMC  |  TR  |  7/1/17
Mike McHale  |  retiring from incapacity leave  |  MV  |  7/1/17
Curtis Miller  |  retiring from New Hope UMC  |  MV  |  7/1/17
Raymond “Bob” Miller  |  retiring from Alliance Beechwood UMC  |  TW  |  7/1/17
Pamela Monteith  |  personal leave  |  CN  | 7/1/17
Linda Morrow  |  retiring from Pleasant Grove UMC  |  SH  |  7/1/17
Roger Norton  |  retiring from Bristolville UMC  |  WR  |  11/1/16
Gary Pollock  |  retiring from extension ministry  |  11/1/16
Janet Zimmerman  |  retiring from Church of the Lakes UM  |  TW  |  7/1/17

Concluding Ministry:
Cathy Ake
  |  retiring from Ellsworth UMC  |  MV  |  7/1/17
Ray Ake  |  retiring from Coalburg UMC  |  MV  |  7/1/17
David Butler  |  retiring from North Liberty UMC  |  MO  |  7/1/17
Nancy Conley  |  retiring from Peace UMC  |  TW  |  7/1/17
David Jordan  |  retiring from Andover UMC  |  WR  |  1/1/17

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Training Opportunities


Congregational Vitality:


New 3Cs Medical Mission UMVIM Trip
August 1-15, 2017 to Ganta Hospital, Liberia. Total cost for air travel and in country expenses $3000. Looking for current medical professionals or young adults looking to enter the mission field to work in ministry at the Ganta Hospital in Liberia. Current passport and yellow fever shot needed.

Meeting on Sunday, February 12 at Faith UMC at 300 9th St NW, North Canton, OH 44720 at 2:00 pm.

Contact Kathy Dickriede or Ben Lewis if you want more information.

Long-Term Volunteers Needed
Is God tugging at you to devote more of your time and energy to service either in the US or internationally? The Mission Volunteers  office, a part of Global Ministries, is looking for people interested in serving as long-term volunteers.

Applications are now being accepted for the next training event which will be held at the Aldersgate Retreat Center near Los Angeles, California in late March. Deadline to complete the application is quickly approaching! Opportunities to serve around the world as well as the application form can be found here.  For more information, contact the Mission Volunteers office.

Pastoral Care and Counseling

January 23, 2017 Resources
In this edition we feature:

  • Video: 7 Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes that will Inspire You
  • Interview: Feminism and the Women’s March on Washington
  • Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks
  • Developing a ‘Seventh Sense’ for Christian Leadership
  • A Spiritual Practice for 2017
  • Making Christianity Relevant Again
  • Small Move, Big Change: Using Micro resolutions to Transform Your Life
  • Are You Addicted to Doing?
  • Listings of Spiritual Formation Groups and our Spiritual Directors

Contact Us
If you have any questions or issues you would like for us to address, or would like to get email alerts when new resources have been posted, please contact Howard Humphress at hkhumphress@gmail.com or use our quick contact form.

UM Financial Credit Union

Become a Member of the Credit Union Family
As a full-service financial institution, we continue to add to the benefits and privileges of membership. Our strong focus on member satisfaction isn’t just a by-product of our success, it’s the source.

Membership is easy!
Simply open a share savings account by completing a membership card and deposit a minimum of $25. Once you become a member, you can maintain your membership throughout life, even if your circumstances change. Your immediate family members such as your spouse, children, siblings and parents are also eligible to apply for membership.  For more information.

Media Center

The Media Center recently acquired the following resources:

To reserve these or other resources, call the Media Center at (800) 831-3972 x 139 or send an e-mail to   sarnold@eocumc.com . Browse the resource catalog at  www.rqmweb.com/eocumc

Message in the Movies

Movie review by Rev. Bruce Batchelor-Glader Photo by Liongate Films
Movie review by Rev. Bruce Batchelor-Glader
Photo by Liongate Films

La La Land  “So many people (and the majority of film critics) enjoy this film, I want to be sure to qualify my quibbles. But here they are in a few words: Story, music and one major character.”   For full review.

Classifieds/Items Available

  • Pianist and Vocalist, Grafton UMC
  • Youth Director, New Concord UMC
  • Church Secretary, New Concord  UMC
  • Executive Secretary, Garretsville UMC

Details of the above classifieds/items wanted can be found here.

To submit job postings and items available please email mailto:lois@eocumc.com

Events – January 23-February 6

January  28
Canal District Leadership Event, Wadsworth UMC
January 28
Nehemiah Mission Basic ERT
January 29
Gospel Music Concert, Manchester UMC
January 30-February 1
East Ohio Clergy Women’s Retreat, Carlisle Inn
February 4
Pancake Breakfast, Manchester UMC
February 4
Connecting Neighbors Training, Chardon UMC
February 4
Super Saturday, Mayfield UMC

Follow this link to the events calendar.
To submit a calendar event.

Dates to Remember

February 4
Connecting Neighbors
February 24-26
Confirmation Retreat, Camp Wanake


Please pray for the families of:

  • F. Iona Fitch, surviving spouse of Rev. Karl M. Fitch, who died  January 12, 2017 and
  • Ruth Thomas, surviving spouse of Bishop James S. Thomas, who died January 17, 2017.

For full obituary notices.

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