East Ohio Conference Seeks Director of Multi-Cultural Vitality

The East Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church is seeking a director of Multi-Cultural Vitality. The new position was created by an action of Annual Conference 2016 when delegates approved a recommendation from the Conference Personnel Committee to change the part-time director of Racial-Ethnic Ministries position into full-time and to expand its scope of focus and work.

“Every level of our conference leadership has been saying ‘we need to reach more people, more young people, and more diverse people,’” said the Rev. Steve Court, director of Connectional Ministries.  “Providing a full-time person focused on multi-cultural vitality will help us be accountable to that goal by assisting churches, pastors, superintendents and conference leaders in identifying strengths and developing strategies for this important ministry.”

“We are committed to increasing the number of vital, healthy and growing congregations in the East Ohio Conference,” said Bishop Tracy S. Malone.  “There is a beautiful diversity of people in our mission field we have the opportunity to reach. As a conference, we want to help build the capacity of every local church to embrace the racial, ethnic, cultural and generational diversity within their communities.

“We want to be faithful in our mission of making and maturing disciples of Christ who will transform the world. The director of Multi-Cultural Vitality will focus on resourcing and equipping clergy and congregations in creating and expanding strategies for developing multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-generational ministry, and traditional racial and ethnic ministries,” she said.

Qualified candidates should e-mail a letter of interest and their resume to the Rev. Steve Court by October 31.

Read the job description.