North Central Jurisdiction will retain nine Episcopal Areas in the next quadrennium.


We are pleased to announce that the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) will issue a release today explaining that the North Central Jurisdiction (NCJ) will retain nine Episcopal Areas in the next quadrennium.

North Central Jurisdictional 2016Following the September 23 GCFA release that reported NCJ membership at 1,210,538, conference statisticians discovered that new disciples who joined the church through new works had been inadvertently omitted from that total.

GCFA used this information to recalculate NCJ membership, which is now above the minimum threshold needed to retain nine bishops.

We are grateful for the dedication of so many people across the jurisdiction who worked tirelessly to ensure that each and every disciple of Jesus Christ in the NCJ has been counted.

Today’s news is good but the reality is that we could find ourselves below the threshold prior to NCJ 2020. So as we look to the start of a new quadrennium, it’s important that we each consider new ways that we can offer the love of Christ to those in need in our communities.

We encourage you to reach out to us at the e-mail addresses below should you have any questions regarding this new information.

Bishop John L. Hopkins
President, North Central Jurisdiction College of Bishops

Dr. Maggie Jackson
Chairperson, North Central Jurisdiction Committee on Episcopacy

Press Release from GCFA – NCJ Membership Numbers