“Amy” documentary of Amy Winehouse, is a thought-provoking morality play

“It didn’t take long for British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse to become an international sensation, but her downward spiral was taking place alongside of her rising fame.  Her drug and alcohol abuse accompanied by bulimia was kept private for awhile by her management and family …” writes movie reviewer, Rev. Bruce Batchelor Glader.

“Amy died from alcohol poisoning in her London flat in 2011 at the age of 27”

“British filmmaker Asif Kapadia had known singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse when she was younger, growing up in the same London neighborhood, and wanted to create a film that would show the world the complexity, beauty and brilliance of her talent and personality, while also showing how tabloid journalism and opportunistic friends and family created a codependency that was harmful to Amy’s fragile and addiction-prone personality.”

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