Winter Beach Party

A beach party on the coldest day of the year? Absolutely!

The youth of the Ohio Valley District participated in a Winter Beach Party on Feb. 15. The temperature outside was negative-25 degrees, but inside the warm love of Jesus surrounded us all.

Ninety-six kids, plus adults, from 11 district churches worshipped and celebrated Jesus. Worship was led by The Jefferson County Christian School Worship Team. The beach party also included games, food, swimming, basketball, and racquetball.

The most exciting part of the evening was seeing kids from all over the district connecting. Several of the youth, who came to the party thinking they would not know anybody, ended up re-connecting with friends they had made at Camp Aldersgate. These kids are already looking forward to Youth Annual Conference (YAC) and connecting once again.

“I had a great time and connected with friends from another United Methodist church that attend my school,” Robert Husted, of Carrollton First UMC, said. “I had no idea we would see each other and hang out outside of school.”

That’s exactly what the Ohio Valley District Youth Committee has been trying to accomplish this year – joining youth from all across the district to worship Jesus together. These students are connecting in so many ways and leaders are growing among them.

The event was planned by the Ohio Valley District Youth Committee and supported by the Ohio Valley District Office. A huge thank you to Gay Warren and Rev. Jim Winkler for all their help and support.

*Rev. Kimberly Arbaugh is the Ohio Valley District Youth Coordinator and is in her 1st year as Associate Pastor of Carrollton First UMC.