Movie Review: “The Fault in Our Stars” – exuberant bravery and wisdom

Photo: By 20th Century Fox

Rev. Bruce Batchelor-Glader writes, “John Green’s bestselling novel is that rare young adult book that is entertaining and touching to readers of all ages (including myself). Green writes in an engaging and intelligent fashion and his characters are well-read and worldly wise. Hazel feels dorky and awkward but is also self-reliant.  As Gus courts her with undivided attention, Hazel’s world becomes one that readers (especially girls) can identify with.

“The fact that the book and film of The Fault in Our Stars are willing to work cancer into the formula is a sign of its exuberant bravery and wisdom. The book notes: “The world is not a wish granting factory.” But you can still choose to live an extraordinary life.”

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