Youth Ministry Changes Lives

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By Rick Wolcott

Jesus Is Calling Us In.   The Annual Conference 2014 theme will focus on discipleship – bringing new people to Christ.

There are many great examples across East Ohio of individuals, congregations, and ministry groups modeling discipleship.

One of those is our conference youth ministry.  Youth live out their faith for all to see on a daily basis.  It seems like every year it becomes harder and harder to be a teenager.  The increased expectations and pressure to fit in at every turn only add to the stress of trying to establish an identity, make a difference, and be taken seriously by adults.

The youth of the East Ohio Conference know that they are not traveling this road alone.  They are walking side by side with Jesus, collecting friends along the way and growing in their faith together.

Our youth are aided on their journey by parents, pastors, adult and CCYM leaders, and each other – a network of love, guidance and support.

If you are interested in answering the call to get involved in East Ohio youth ministry, here are two great opportunities:

  • Project 13:35 — November 16-17 at The Ramada Plaza in Columbus.
  • Based on John 13:35 – “All people will know that you are my disciples if you love each other.”
  • Large group and small group discussions.
    • Curtis Zackery, Monday’s Cure, and Rapture Ruckus provide inspirational and musical messages.
    • Registration closes November 1.
  • Youth Leaders Network – connects youth leaders, paid and volunteer, with one another for support.
    • Share with others who understand your passion and ministry.
    • Encourage and train youth leaders to be in ministry for the long haul.
    • Participate in upcoming webinars:
      • Thursday, Oct. 31 and Thursday, Dec. 5.
      • Based on the book Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries.
      • For pastors, youth leaders, SPRC members, and lay leaders.
      • Discuss, share and learn how to provide our churches with a foundation of youth ministry that will be sustainable over the years.
    • New blog postings available every Thursday through the first week in December.