Episcopal Address

Bishop Tracy S. Malone began her Episcopal Address with these words:

“It is in the love and grace of Jesus Christ that I give this address this afternoon to speak both to the current crisis within our denomination regarding human sexuality and to the remarkable opportunity we have, in the midst of these uncertain times in the church and society for the Church to BE the church. This is a remarkable opportunity for the church to be the church. To be the Ecclesia, the whole body of the faithful, the body of Christ, believers united in Christ, united in purpose and united in mission.

For this is who we are. We are the body of Christ. We are a royal priesthood of believers. Friends, we are more than a singular narrative. We are more than our disagreements. We are more than our differences. We are more than legislation. We are more than our doctrines, our polity, and even our creeds.

We are children of the most-high God, created in the divine image of God, in whose Spirit we live, and move and have our being.

Being committed to Christ commits us to one other. We are bound together in the life, death and resurrection of Christ. We are bound through the covenant of our baptism. Friends, this is who we are.

We are more than conservatives. We are more than liberals. We are more than traditionalists and progressives and centrists. We are more than gay and straight. We are more than black, brown, and white. We are more than rich and poor, and old or young.

We are all children of God, sinners saved by the grace of God. Thanks be to God.”

Click the video above to view Bishop Malone’s Episcopal Address in its entirety.