Bishop Malone Featured on The Word 1220 AM


Bishop Malone Headshot - A Messge from Bishop Malone

January 10, 2018

Bishop Tracy S. Malone was the guest of Glenn Mertz on his radio program Living the Word.  During her January 10 appearance on The Word 1220 AM, the bishop introduced listeners to the Four Areas of Focus of The United Methodist Church and to the ministries of our East Ohio Conference churches.  She also discussed the importance of all clergy and laity being active participants in discipleship, stewardship, evangelism, outreach and mission.

“How are you making a difference and having an impact representing Christ, as an ambassador of Christ, as a child of God?  How are you sharing who you are and who Christ is through your everyday life?  That’s the challenge.  After Sunday is over.  After Bible study is over.  When the lights go out in the church.  How are you being a light in the world?” Malone asked.

Listen to the interview in its entirety below.