EOC Clergy and Laity Support Delegates and the Church at General Conference

By Rick Wolcott* Many clergy and laity from the East Ohio Conference are among the 3,000 registered observers sitting in the bowl of The Dome of the America’s in St. Louis, Missouri taking in the worship services and legislative action of the Special Session of General Conference. The session was called to receive and act [...]

Delegate Thoughts

The February 23 Day of Prayer: “In common with others in the East Ohio delegation I came into today keyed up. After all, we have been having conversations, listening, meeting, and reading for two years! It is finally here … but not yet. At first, the prayer focus just seemed like a lot of words, [...]

Opening Worship Sermon: The Cross and the Flame

“The Commission on a Way Forward was a process of watching and listening. It was not an interruption to the work of God. It was and is the work. It was not an argument that distracted us from the mission. It was and is the mission. Now the work and the mission is in your [...]