Tuesday Business Session Recap

By Rick Wolcott* Following an opening prayer from lay member Michael Warschauer, Episcopacy Committee Chair the Rev. Joe Burkhardt reported the results of the just-completed mid-quadrennial assessment on behalf of the North Central Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy. Clergy and lay respondents indicated that the greatest strengths of the East Ohio Conference are our diversity, our [...]

Episcopal Address

Bishop Tracy S. Malone began her Episcopal Address with these words: “It is in the love and grace of Jesus Christ that I give this address this afternoon to speak both to the current crisis within our denomination regarding human sexuality and to the remarkable opportunity we have, in the midst of these uncertain times [...]

Celebration of Retirement

By Lee Ann Dunlap* With the final chords of the “Grand Chorus Dialogue” reverberating throughout Hoover Auditorium, the  Rev. Kurt Landerholm welcomed the congregation into the Celebration of Retirement and the Rev. Carolyn Berry introduced the first of several video reflections by the retiring class. Faces beamed with fond memories as members named the pastors, [...]