Numbers Don’t Tell the Story

The Heart of a Small Church: Part 5 "As a small church, the people in it need to believe they have a purpose in this vast kingdom of God and your wanting to feature us in an article is a gift from God," wrote Pastor Janet Boyd when she was approached to write this article.  By Pastor [...]

30-Hour Famine Raises Awareness of Child Hunger

By Chasity Opphile* Nearly 50 youth from the Three Rivers District, and their leaders, got together March 16-17 for a district-wide 30-Hour Famine. They kicked off the weekend at the Kids America Sports Complex and Fitness Center in Coshocton for a few hours of fun, and then headed to Coshocton Grace UMC to lock-in for the [...]

Christmas Tree Ministry Brings Joy

  By Joe Beran* While visiting her mother in a nursing home during Christmas in 2007, Carolyn Thompson noticed that several of the residents there had few visitors, and no festive decorations. She went home, made 12 small trees and distributed them to those folks whom she had noticed. They were so warmly welcomed that [...]