Perspectives: Black Theologian Day 2022; Reaching Across the Racial Divide

By Will Fenton-Jones* It all started with an email: “Dear Betty Kilby Fisher, my name is Phoebe Kilby.” Then a response: “Hello Cousin.” During Perspectives: Black Theologian Day 2022, participants heard the story of Betty Kilby Baldwin and Phoebe Kilby, authors of the book, Cousins: Connected through Slavery, A Black Woman and a White Woman [...]

Speaking and Hearing: Clergy and Laity Explore the Hidden Value of Sermons

By Brett Hetherington* Clergy and laity alike were invited to attend a seminar on September 24, 2022 that aimed to instruct and encourage the church in being bold in presenting God’s word. “The goal of this session is not to just hear a great speaker, but it is also to engage with each other and [...]

UMC Berea Partners with Help Build Hope and Habitat for Humanity to Provide a Home for a Family of Five

By Rick Wolcott* To download the above video: 1) click the share button in the upper right corner of the video window, 2) click the Vimeo link, and 3) click the download button on the Vimeo page. Volunteers with hearts for helping others needed less than 10 hours over two days to turn piles [...]