Hymnal Walk: Songs We Sing! Highlights Black American Hymn Writers

By Brett Hetherington* “When I’m singing a hymn, I always wonder about the author, about their background. I’m always wondering ‘who wrote this?’ and specifically, because I’m African American, I wondered about 'who wrote this who is of Color?' 'Who are the African American writers?'” said Dr. Feliesha Shelton-Wheeler.  “That is where this idea of [...]

Cory UMC Receives Grant to Preserve its Heritage, Prepare for the Future

By Brett Hetherington* Cory United Methodist Church (North Coast District) in Cleveland is one of three historically Black congregations in Northeast Ohio – and one of 35 churches in total – receiving a grant to help preserve its rightful place in Civil Rights history. The announcement was made on January 16, the day the nation [...]

ChurchLights Outreach Ministry Teaches about Jesus through Lights and Songs

By Brett Hetherington* The Christmas season is a time of year that tends to lend itself to an easy opportunity for churches to welcome new faces into their buildings for special services, choir concerts, parties, and other events. Pleasant Hills United Methodist Church (North Coast District) in Middleburg Heights has dedicated this season to invite [...]