Embracing Diversity to Reach New People for Christ

By Rick Wolcott* Jai mashi is a Nepali phrase that means “victory in Christ. On Sunday, February 4, the Nepali-speaking Bhutanese Christian congregation of Refugee International Fellowship and the congregation of Grandview United Methodist Church (Canal District) celebrated their victory in Christ together during a joint worship service. Pastor Santa Gajmere and the Refugee International [...]

The Dream Will Not Die on Our Watch

By Rick Wolcott* Clergy and laity gathered at Aldersgate United Methodist Church (North Coast District) on Monday, January 15 to remember the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   “It’s appropriate that we recognize Dr. King today because the things that he fought for and died for are under attack.  The dream that he had, [...]

Black Theologian Day 2017

Day of Learning Confronts Fears in the Church By Rick Wolcott* “The purpose of Black Theologian Day is to be a day of learning and engagement of theological and practical insights regarding issues and challenges that are facing the church and society from a black theological perspective and experience. A perspective and experience that is [...]