How a Cell Phone Connects a Congregation

By Brett Hetherington* Creating connection points for congregations to forge authentic ties with one another has been a monumental task the past two years as churches struggle finding ways to engage with people on Sunday mornings when some are in the sanctuary and others are viewing the service online. Like clergy across the East Ohio [...]

Kindness Opens Doors in the Community

By Rev. Allison LeBrun* Vermilion Grace United Methodist Church (Firelands District) has now participated in two Random Acts of Kindness events, and we hope for many more in the future! Our first Random Acts of Kindness was planned for Lent 2020 as part of our Lent Christian Education program. For an afternoon, we had planned [...]

Christ is Alive in the Mission Ministry of Fitchville UMC

By Rev. Kathy Dickriede* We are called to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ so that we can transform the world – but that transformation doesn’t always happen overnight. The congregation of Fitchville UMC (Firelands District) is excited to see that a decision made in 2015 will soon make life easier for people it [...]