Mission Focused Smithville UMC – they just never stop doing for others.

The Heart of a Small Church - Part 1 By Sue Zakovec* During the summer months, whether large, small, rural or urban … churches seem to take on a new life, full of enthusiasm and energy. As members throw open their doors with a renewed commitment to community and mission, ice cream socials, carnivals, fairs, Vacation [...]

Embracing Diversity to Reach New People for Christ

By Rick Wolcott* Jai mashi is a Nepali phrase that means “victory in Christ. On Sunday, February 4, the Nepali-speaking Bhutanese Christian congregation of Refugee International Fellowship and the congregation of Grandview United Methodist Church (Canal District) celebrated their victory in Christ together during a joint worship service. Pastor Santa Gajmere and the Refugee International [...]

Heart 4 The City Designated as a Mission Church

By Rick Wolcott* “This church means a lot to the community because a lot of people need help.  It’s a blessing to have the church here,” said Geraldine Williams about Heart 4 The City United Methodist Mission Church (Canal District). What began on February 22, 2010 as an outreach center for the Goodyear Heights community, sprouted [...]