Heart 4 The City Designated as a Mission Church

By Rick Wolcott* “This church means a lot to the community because a lot of people need help.  It’s a blessing to have the church here,” said Geraldine Williams about Heart 4 The City United Methodist Mission Church (Canal District). What began on February 22, 2010 as an outreach center for the Goodyear Heights community, sprouted [...]

Rev. Abby Auman Appointed Mahoning Valley District Superintendent

Bishop Tracy S. Malone is appointing the Rev. Abby Auman to the East Ohio Conference Cabinet.  She will serve as superintendent of the Mahoning Valley District. "Abby has strong leadership skills, is an innovative thinker who brings vision and courage to the development and empowerment of lay leadership, and has a passion for revitalizing the [...]

Rev. Doug Lewis to be Appointed to the Cabinet

Bishop John L. Hopkins intends to appoint to the East Ohio Conference cabinet the Rev. Doug Lewis, who will serve as superintendent of the Firelands District. "Doug has a pastoral heart and knows how to offer encouragement to others,” Hopkins said.  “I am pleased to have him on the cabinet." Lewis, who is in his fifth [...]