The Great Commission in Our Neighborhoods: Churches Serving Migrant Communities of East Ohio

By Brett Hetherington* America has long been described as the land of opportunity, a melting pot where countless cultures can come together to live, share the best of what makes them unique, and create a grand tapestry of a country. Though this vision is not without its flaws and detractors, people continue to journey to [...]

Congregation Grows During the Pandemic by Reaching New People in New Ways

By Brett Hetherington* Church attendance routinely ebbs and flows. During the COVID-19 pandemic this reality became even more apparent. Most people would not be surprised to hear that a church’s attendance during such a time would tail off and perhaps even drop dramatically, but what if a church were able to grow during this season? [...]

Low Pressure Block Party Ministry Yields Big Connections

By Brett Hetherington* “We want to be involved in reaching people.” These words come from the Rev. Tim Monteith, who serves at Johnson First United Methodist Church (Canal District). This fall the church opened its campus for a block party to engage with the community. “We wanted it to be a connecting spot for [...]