The Confirmation is a small gem of a movie

Photo By Lionsgate

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At the beginning of The Confirmation we watch Anthony (Lieberher), an 8-year-old boy, making his confession to his neighborhood priest (Stephen Tobolowsky). At least, he’s trying to; he just can’t think of anything to confess. The priest goes down a list of potential misdemeanors – including disrespect of parents, lying, and sexy thoughts – but Anthony simply can’t recall any recent sins. The priest gives him a few prayers just to be on the safe side. Looking up at a crucifix and a suffering Christ, the boy rushes out of the church …

If Anthony is confused about his life, he has good reason to be a bit rattled. His confirmation is just a week away and his mom and stepfather (Maria Bello and Matthew Modine) are about to leave for a Marriage Enrichment Weekend. Anthony’s father Walt (Clive Owen) will spend the weekend with him, taking full responsibility for his safety.

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